Since COVIDS-19 has hit, I've been busy in my studio producing CDs remotely for friends from Argentina to Bella Coola,to Nashville. I'm also contributing tracks for other people's projects, doing archival and voice-over work, producing my Radio Show and working on an exciting VR Project.

It's more fun recording people live in the studio, but it's also a blast sending tracks all over the world for people to play on and then compiling and mixing them here at my Studio. 

We just finished work on an isolation booth in the studio and I'm looking forward to what comes next. 

Please get in touch if you want to talk to me about Producing or doing sessions. I love to collaborate. 

Doug Cox

 Feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss any Producer,Studio or Session work c/o dougcoxstudio at


Recordings Doug Has Produced

Travels With Charley - Uncle Herbs Amusements (co-producer)

Travels With Charley - Red Rome Beauty (co-producer)

Doug Cox - Canadian Borderline

Doug Cox - Bone Bottle Brass or Steel

Diamond Joe White - Honestly

Stacy Phillips and Paul Howard

Doug Cox and Todd Butler - Live Blues (co-producer)

Doug Cox and Todd Butler - Dobo and Guitar (co-producer)

Gorden Carter - Rivers and Roads

Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie - Hungry Ghosts (co-producer)

Doug with Salil Bhatt, Ramkumar Mishra & Special Guest, V.M. Bhatt - Slide to Freedom (co-producer)

Slide To Freedom  Make a Better World (co-producer) JUNO NOMINATED

Strung - Band of Gypsies (co-producer)

Corinne West - The Promise (co-producer)

Maitri - Maitri

Jamyang Yeshi - Demo Project 

with BettySoo - Lie To Me (co-producer) 

Slide To Freedom - 20,000 Miles

with BettySoo - More Lies (co-producer)

Leonard Sumner - Rez Poetry

Guitar Heroes (James Burton, Albert Lee, Amos Garrett, David Wilcox) (co-produced with Holger Petersen for Stony Plain Records)

April Verch - Once A Day -  JUNO NOMINATED

Liam Docherty - Modern. Magic. Melody. - MAPLE BLUES NOMINATED

Lisa Rose - Awake

LooPS - LooPS

Cox & McRae - Beyond The Great Pause

Liam Docherty - Gemini Rising 

Lisa Rose - Bearings

Wayne Levesque - CreekWalker