Doug is always interested in creative and unusual musical collaborations. Feel free to get in touch.




Recordings Doug Produced

Travels With Charley - Uncle Herbs Amusements (co-producer)

Travels With Charley - Red Rome Beauty (co-producer)

Doug Cox - Canadian Borderline

Doug Cox - Bone Bottle Brass or Steel

Diamond Joe White - Honestly

Stacy Phillips and Paul Howard

Doug Cox and Todd Butler - Live Blues (co-producer)

Doug Cox and Todd Butler - Dobo and Guitar (co-producer)

Gorden Carter - Rivers and Roads

Doug Cox and Sam Hurrie - Hungry Ghosts (co-producer)

Doug with Salil Bhatt, Ramkumar Mishra & Special Guest, V.M. Bhatt - Slide to Freedom (co-producer) & Make a Better World (co-producer)

Strung - Band of Gypsies (co-producer)

Corinne West - The Promise (co-producer)

Maitri - Maitri

Jamyang Yeshi - Demo Project 

with BettySoo - Lie To Me (co-producer) 

Slide To Freedom - 20,000 Miles

with BettySoo - More Lies (co-producer)

Leonard Sumner - Rez Poetry

Guitar Heroes (James Burton, Albert Lee, Amos Garrett, David Wilcox) (produced with Holger Petersen)

April Verch - Once A Day

Liam Docherty - Modern. Magic. Melody.